The Hispanic Republican Alliance (HRA), located in Memphis, TN, currently meets every month on the fourth Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza, 1199 Ridgeway Rd., Memphis, TN. The HRA is a new organization that began in October, 2013.

Our goals are to:

  1. To promote the growth and acceptance of the Republican Party among constituents of Memphis and Shelby County by soliciting and encouraging their active participation in the HRA.
  2. To support the principles, objectives, and platform of the Shelby County Republican Party.
  3. To develop leadership for the HRA and the Shelby County Republican Party.
  4. To secure the election of duly nominated Republican candidates.
  5. To be an effective voice for the citizens of the Hispanic community in the affairs of the Republican Party.
  6. Promote issues to local, state and national officials that are of interest to the Hispanic community.

Check back soon for updates, as we will be including our Mission, Vision and more information on our purpose as this dynamic group continues to evolve.



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